Forrest James 

(wage slave) 

here are a few links about Forrest that may or may not be of interest to you...

Okay obviously you made it here already but for google's sake; Forrest James can be found @

there are a couple of other pages about Forrest James here as well...
you can check my (Forrest James) shared calendar @ 4est's Calendar
you change your homepage to: Forrest's Start Page and read about Forrest everytime you open a browser...
or if you just wanted to share a document with me (Forrest James)  go ahead and upload it (or create it) courtesy of google on  Forrest James' Online Office Suite
and of course with any good web site (about Forrest James) comes good web mail so eMail Forrest James

UPDATE* 3.10.08 a new google service has been added to the site... check Forrest James' Sites

okay now go find something else to do...  lest you have to read the name Forrest James again.